Barb Carman

TZ thru 3-10-11 247Barb Carman has in-depth experience in Mosaic International’s programs in Romania, Tanzania and Latvia. She is a professional social worker with a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW). Her years of experience include working with children and families in community-based programs, medical settings and public schools.

Barb’s career has included working with families in extreme poverty and homelessness, and she has served children with and without disabilities.

As an International Field Consultant, Barb lived part-time in Romania and Tanzania, conducting training and working with staff members, children and young adults and families. Barb’s social work skills, combined with her love and compassion for those she serves, have made a significant contribution to each program.

Barb shares her experiences, insights and stories of the individuals and families she has grown to know during her time with Mosaic International on the blog. Although now based in the US, she continues to travel to the Mosaic International programs in Romania and Tanzania, and reports on her findings.

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