First Therapy Week at BCC!

Recently, BCC held its first ever independent Therapy Week. Thirteen BCC clients and their caregivers came to a BCC facility in Moshi for a week of individual assessments, new therapy techniques, and community.

The week was organized by Sister Woinde, BCC’s occupational therapist who started working with BCC in October. She studied occupational therapy at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College in Moshi and prior to coming to BCC, she worked and volunteered with the Moshi branch of YWCA, another community-based rehabilitation program for children with disabilities. Sister Woinde has also worked at Hale Parish in the Tanga region of Tanzania, serving children who have physical and intellectual disabilities. She is happy to be working wit BCC in a new environment with new experiences.

During the Therapy Week, Mosaic International posted a photo of a young man Kelvin Mrema and his mother Lillian beaming with excitement en route to the Therapy Week. We spoke with Kelvin and his mother at the end of the week, and his mother said, “I feel very good to be with other mothers who have children with disabilities—I’m not the only one who has a child with a disability. The other mamas and I have shared the challenges and have learned from each other this week.”


Kelvin feeding himself, with assistance from Sister Woinde.

Flora, a BCC outreach worker who serves the children receiving in-home services in the Rau area of Moshi, praised the week for giving caregivers time to focus solely on their children. The Therapy Week allowed them to spend quality time exchanging ideas and learning new exercises to help their children, while BCC provided transportation and meals to alleviate other stressors.

BCC and Sister Woinde have already receiving many requests for another Therapy Week, and Sister Woinde is planning to continue the program in order to serve as many BCC clients and caregivers as possible through this intensive therapy format. Now that the initial week is over, Sister Woinde will follow up with all of the children who attended and evaluate their progress using the new therapy methods that their caregivers learned. BCC is grateful for donors who allow us to provide these services and care for the children and young adults that we serve, and we look forward to more Therapy Weeks in the future!

BCC would like to thank Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Tanzania (CCBRT) for the inspiration for this week, and for the impactful partnership between our organizations.

-Alex Bailey


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