Profile: Victoria Urassa

Victoria (Vicky) Urassa is BCC’s Accountant and Young Adult Coordinator and has been a fantastic recent addition to the BCC team in Moshi.

Growing up in Lyamungo Village, about 25 kilometers from Moshi, Victoria attended Lyamungo Primary School. She decided early in her education that she wanted to pursue an accounting degree, with encouragement from her uncle to do so. After completing primary school, Victoria began attending Kibosho Girls Secondary School because it had an economics program. As one of five women in her 30-person economics class, Victoria recognizes the value of education, especially for women.

After graduating, Victoria worked at Standard Charter Bank for four years and East West Seed for Tanzania in an accounting role for four years. Then a friend encouraged her to apply for a job with BCC.

Victoria does not have previous experience working with persons who have intellectual disabilities, but she has quickly become a strong advocate and ally to the children and young adults who BCC serves. Her goal as Young Adult Coordinator is to assist the young adults to become independent, and she believes that teaching them vocational skills, such as farming, is the most effective way to ensure that they will lead lives of possibility.


As an educated woman, Victoria is a strong supporter of education, especially for women with disabilities and the challenges they face. Her education has taught and allowed her to be independent, and she wishes this same independence for the women of BCC.

Victoria started working at BCC in July and she has already had a great impact on the BCC Program, both in her roles as Accountant and as Young Adult Coordinator. She is straightforward, hardworking, and has high expectations for staff. She is always anxious to get involved in various aspects of BCC and to spend time with those who BCC serves. For example, at a recent Special Olympic Day in Moshi, Victoria immediately jumped in and assisted the children and young adults in playing games and participating in different events, enjoying herself just as much as they were.

Not only does Victoria have a plethora of ideas about how to improve the services BCC offers, but she takes action to implement them, and does not rest until her vision is achieved. She is a true blessing to BCC and I am looking forward to witnessing the evolution of the Young Adult Program, and BCC in general, under her leadership.



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