Celebrating Abilities in Moshi

By Meritt Buyer

This is what the International Day of Persons with Disabilities looks like in Moshi. Led by the police band, 144 BCC clients along with their parents and BCC staff join hundreds of others in a march through town. The march was followed by singing, dancing and speeches, and general celebration. This is what fighting stigma looks like. This is what community looks like. This is what inclusion looks like. This is what pride looks like.


Shaeli Urassa and BCC children leading the parade


No one was more enthusiastic than Queen


Everyone helps out


Such smiles


Primus couldn’t wave his flag, so he just wore it


After the march




Janeth is always ready to help with the younger children


Deogratius Chami gave speech on behalf of BCC


Symon is learning to walk on his own (without his walker) with the help of a long term volunteer and his devoted sister. What better way to celebrate today than practicing a few dance moves too?

We have a long way to go here in Moshi. Many children still lack adequate food, services, and health care, and there are so many that we have not yet been able to reach. But every person involved with BCC is is bringing hope to the disability community and helping to overcome these barriers one step at a time.


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