Mosaic Fellows Program Going Strong in Tanzania (Part I)

Becca at CenterBy Rebecca Berman

| My name is Rebecca Berman, and I’m one of the two 2014-2015 Mosaic International Fellows. I arrived in Moshi, Tanzania this past August to work with the Building a Caring Community (BCC) program, which Mosaic International supports. My early time in the program has been dedicated to working with the Tanzanian staff to understand the needs and current projects, learning Swahili in my “spare” time and getting myself acquainted with all things Tanzania: food, sights, culture and clothing!

I am from the United States and was living and working in Washington, DC before arriving in Moshi. As a deaf person, I have always been passionate about global human rights issues, especially regarding the rights of people with disabilities. My professional work in DC was focused on these issues. I graduated from Smith College with a B.A. In Sociology and got my Masters Degree at American University in Washington in International Training and Education, with a focus on Disability in International Development. I have previous international field experience with self-advocacy for people with disabilities and sensitization training. In Kenya, I was a part of a group of Kenyans and Americans who collaborated and led the first leadership camp for people who are deaf. I also designed and ran cross-cultural workshops for students and young adults in Ghana, Kenya and India.

I was thrilled when I learned about the Mosaic International fellowship – as this was perfectly aligned with my interests and experience. I will be working along with my colleague, another Mosaic International Fellow, who is from Moshi. Together, Deo and I are supporting BCC’s health and education programs. I’ll be posting more about the exciting new projects we’re developing, some of my personal experiences and the stories of children and young adults we serve.

Read about Deo Chami, Rebecca’s colleague and the other Mosaic International Fellow in Moshi this year.


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