Meet Gabi, a Romanian Role Model

Gabi - table tennis - RMBy Barb Carman

| Sometimes, in working on behalf of children and young adults with disabilities around the world, we meet extraordinary people. Not just those we serve and their families, but often, even the staff who work for our partner organizations. Sometimes those individuals are so extraordinary that we just have to brag!

Our friend Gabita (Gabi), works for our Romanian partner organization, Motivation Romania. She’s, has been playing table tennis (better known as ping pong by some) as long as we’ve known her. It seems to have started out as a casual recreational activity for her. Well, at some point she started using her incredible speed and skills to compete in the sport. She recently became #1 ranked in Romania AND is now ranked #10 internationally!

Gabi - table tennis - RM 2In September, Gabi will travel to Beijing for an international tournament. What an honor! She may also make it to the next Olympics in Rio in 2016!

Just by being herself – determined, friendly, professional and athletic – Gabi is an inspiration to the young adults in our program, who see her often when they come to the day center to receive services. It isn’t just services that help these wonderful young people in our Romania program reach their potential. It is also the inspiration that role models like Gabi provide in their lives.


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