Angels on the Ground

12902905073_810e9450d0_oBy Kelly Lytle

| Those who work directly with the children and young adults in our programs in Tanzania and Romania are truly some of the most amazing people you could meet. In fact, I’d love to be able to introduce you to them personally! They have a passion for those they work with and a heart for service. Many of them go above and beyond the regular work day to ensure those in their care are living the most meaningful lives they can.

One such “angel on the ground” is Shaeli Urassa, a director of one of the 11 care centers we have in Moshi, Tanzania. Shaeli works full-time to direct the center’s activities and provide care and therapeutic services to the children and youth there. But in addition to that, she is also very active in supporting the program outside of work hours. She participates in all sorts of activities. She ran with youth who participate in the program in the Kilimajaro Fun Run, organized to raise awareness about disabilities and promote inclusion in Tanzania. She even did a fundraising climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro with a large group of our supporters and international fellows in 2013. She was one of only two people who made it all the way to the top!

Shaeli prepares a birthday party at her center for Primus, a 3-yearold boy who she also visits on weekends.

Shaeli prepares a birthday party at her center for Primus, a 3-year old boy she also visits on weekends.

But mountain climbing and running aside, Shaeli gives of herself daily to ensure those she serves live safe, healthy and dignified lives. She visits many of those who come to her center on weekends, when the center is closed. She brings food to those whose families don’t have enough to feed them. She brings her children on visits as well, so that they can learn from her example and can bring cheer to those who would otherwise be lonely on weekends.

Wouldn’t you love to meet Shaeli? Well, good news: you can. On May 15, Shaeli will be speaking at the Partners in Possibility Luncheon in Omaha, Nebraska. She will be visiting Mosaic’s headquarters in Omaha and speaking to local groups and churches to raise awareness about the wonderful work the program is doing in Tanzania. If you’d like to hear Shaeli talk about her experiences, plan to join us at this free event. Just RSVP to Megan Moslander by May 7. Or, give her a call at 402-896-3884, ext. 31126.

Soon, here on the Lives of Possibility blog, we will be featuring interviews with several of those who are working in Mosaic International programs on the ground. We’ve had a lot of requests from our audience to know more about what their jobs are like and how they view issues of disability in their own cultures. If you have a question for them, please post it in the comments below or email your questions to Kelly Lytle.



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