Donated Items Change Lives

Walker 2By Barb Carman

| Motivation Romania and the Building a Caring Community (BCC) program in Tanzania have been partners with Mosaic International for many years. Each program receives gifts-in-kind from Mosaic staff and supporters in the U.S., businesses in their local communities, and international volunteers, just to name a few. These gifts are an important way the programs are able to meet the needs of the children and families served. They prove that together, we can make a difference.

Within the last year, the two programs received an assortment of items that were valuable to caregivers, the children and their families. These items ease expenses or provide products that are not available locally. All gifts are very appreciated, no matter their cost or size. They each show the children and families we serve, and the caregivers who provide daily services, that they have friends all across the world who support them and cheer them on in their progress.

Gail and Pat, who visited the BCC program in Tanzania in 2012, sent walkers from the U.S. to the program in Tanzania. The westernized walkers are very different from those that are locally made, although both serve a purpose depending on the user’s abilities and where they are used.

Food processor demonstration by the donor for staff in Tanzania. This has helped BCC staff prepare food that can be easily eaten by children with swallowing issues.

Food processor demonstration by the donor for staff in Tanzania. This has helped BCC staff prepare food that can be easily eaten by children with swallowing issues.

These donated walkers were provided to children who were capable of holding and pushing them, and using the brake handles. They also prevented a couple of the children from having to use wheelchairs, thus enhancing their independent mobility. These walkers are currently being used at the center in Pasua, one of 11 centers Mosaic International has across Moshi, Tanzania.

Another visitor to our centers in Tanzania, Sandy, purchased food processors for the day centers with children who had difficulty chewing and swallowing food. This enabled the caregivers to provide the same food to those children, but in a consistency that allowed them to successfully swallow and get the needed nutrition.

In Romania, a small wheelchair-accessible kitchen and dining area were created at Motivation Romania from donated furnishings and equipment from the IKEA store in Bucharest. Other items replaced worn out furnishings and appliances in residences where the children live.

Therapists who volunteer in both countries often leave supplies for speech, occupational and physical therapies after working with children and demonstrating to caregivers how to use them. Building supplies have also been given to each of the programs by in-country businesses.

Craft supplies, fabric, safety pins, clothes pins, first aid supplies, medications, toys of all kinds, school supplies and classroom furnishings, paint, special formula for a child, clothing and even an emergency meal for a family are examples of other gifts-in-kind sent to the programs, brought in suitcases by visitors or donated by local supporters.

Nicolette and OT Workshop

Craft supplies are used in the Romanian program. Young adults create beautiful crafts that are now sold all over Romania!

A great big thank you to the many people and groups who have opened up their hearts to provide gifts-in-kind, whether planned ahead or on-the-spot as a need was seen. This by no means includes all the gifts or the people because many in-kind activities take place quietly or behind the scenes.


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