The Importance of Training in Tanzania

imageBy Barb Carman

| Susie O’Kane, the Director of Organizational Learning at Mosaic, has conducted training of the BCC staff since the first centers were open in 2008. She visited Moshi for almost three weeks recently to observe the training by Tanzanian staff and to perform some training herself, as well as consultation.  Some of the BCC staff members have been trained to be trainers by Susie in recent years.

As a result, their understanding of the material and their skills in training others are excellent.  Susie has also tapped into local expertise of staff from CCBRT (assessment and rehabilitation of children) and KCMC (medical center & school) to share in the training.  BCC staff has also provided training to the Imani Vocational School staff where some students from BCC attend. The training covers a wide range of topics such as an introduction to working with families, occupational therapy exercises, first aid, developing routines at centers, proactive management skills, and more.

Trainings have also been performed, especially in recent years, by Mosaic international staff on the ground, Mosaic fellows who have valuable expertise, but also perform duties outside of it, and volunteers (most of whom are post graduate) fr

om several different countries who have a variety of skills to share.  Trainings take place in different locations and with different numbers of recipients.  This includes, but is not limited to, individual centers, a family’s home, or a larger community location.  The recipients may be a small group of parents learning about micro-credit loans, staff of a center learning about physical therapy techniques for a particular child, or instructing a parent about ways of feeding his/her child to help with successful swallowing and prevention of choking.

Mosaic and BCC strive to make sure that training activities are culturally appropriate, efficient, and cost effective.  New or different philosophies and techniques are always welcome, but need to be meaningful to the culture and environment.

The pictures show training sessions with BCC staff, by Susie, and trained trainers from BCC and the community.





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