World’s Best Dishwasher? Right Here in Moshi.

By Barb Carman

| A young friend in the pictures below loves having the opportunity to be of help at the BCC Center in Pasua where he attends. Washing the dishes is his specialty and, according to him, his favorite thing to do. Having an audience and a camera pointed at him makes it all the better, as it would with any child.

So with great flourish, he begins by dipping each dish in the tub of sudsy water and giving them a quick swipe with his hand, which may or may not clean it. Then the dish is dipped in the rinsing tub. If it passes his inspection, it is then waved around in the air to dry. If not, the process is repeated.

Then he tries to set the clean dish on a ledge or a gravel area, but sometimes it lands in the dirt or it gets knocked to the ground by a passing chicken that pecks at it. The dirt on the freshly washed dish is then wiped off with his hand or dipped in the rinsing tub again. As for the chicken, it is shooed away by a couple of bangs on a small metal pan or throwing it at it.

Even though the whole process is not captured in pictures, try to imagine this young dishwasher adding more soap to the water after every few dishes, splashing it around with his hands, and then joyfully flinging suds through the air. He finishes by dipping most of the dishes in the rinse water again and stacking them for a staff member to take inside. Wouldn’t any child use a task like this for entertaining an audience!


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