Here’s An Activity for You

FEBRUARY 13, 2013

In any country, a traveler may see words or phrases that are an attempt by a business to use a language other than its own with the purpose of being helpful to the visitor.  These translations are often in English and are appreciated by many travelers, including us.  However, every so often we are amused by a word that may simply be a misspelling or the actual choice of words.  I know that travelers to the U.S. have similar experiences when they see some translations in their native languages.

I have listed several examples that we have come across in various countries through the years.  Many are from menus.  Some are easy to figure out and others take a little more imagination.  Just for fun, try figuring out what these are and respond with a note on the blog!  I’ve underlined the words in question.

  1. Dog pipes
  2. Oat mill
  3. Mashroom
  4. On a restaurant sign:  saved
  5. Rerubbering
  6. Sadwich
  7. A program: Head Begin
  8. A sign in a restaurant:  Kindly Advise to not dosomething – what do you think customers are being asked not to do? 
  9. Chicken Chests
  10.  On a menu: Indespensable Eatable Plug-ins

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