Update on Upendo

Two years ago I wrote an entry about Upendo, a little girl who was unable to walk without assistance. She crawled on the floor sometimes, but preferred to be on her feet, grabbing hold of furniture to steady herself. I lowered the handles on my walker and put her hands on it to see what she would do. To the surprise of everyone present she took off at a pretty fast pace, circling the room over and over again. Last year was much the same. I couldn’t even find a Tanzanian made walker for her to use. They are pretty scarce.

Well, today I went to the Karanga 1 center where she attends. The first thing out of the mouths of the staff after greeting me was “Upendo is walking”! Not only is she walking, she is doing a little dancing. She is so proud of herself! I also saw each of her parents because they were present next door to apply for micro-loans. Needless to say, they were thrilled!

Here are two pictures of Upendo.



– Barb


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