Introducing Our New Fellow, Elin Winbladh


Back on the job after the Christmas holiday, and I am excited to be preparing for the start of a new year with BCC. Now that the first months are over, I feel more confident and ready to do some serious therapy!

This year will be spent working with the children and the staff to improve the children’s communicative abilities, oral motor strength, and swallowing function. After some introductory months with basic exercises, I have now brought in the full artillery with oral motor assistive devices donated from the Swedish national orofacial centre of expertise, Mun-H-Center. On behalf of BCC and myself, I send them our warmest appreciation.

One idea that I am researching is the possibility of introducing sign language as assistive communication at the centers. Some staff members have expressed an interest in the matter, and seeing as the Indian community runs a program for deaf children, maybe a future cooperation could be established. Another topic on the agenda is the planning of a new education day for the staff that I wish to organize in the beginning of March. This year I also hope to collaborate with the organization Autism Connects, to increase the knowledge about autism. At the centers, I have noticed some insecurity when it comes to how to work with these children in the best way.

Apart from the fieldwork, time will also be spent in the office and working with the caregivers’ cooperatives. All in all, it will be an exciting year and I am eager to get started!



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