Worldwide Greetings: USA, Romania, Tanzania

January 11, 2013


So sorry to our readers! Time slipped by and, consequently, so did our blog entries! We truly hope you had joy, good health, and peace during the holidays and that it extends through this New Year. Our thoughts have certainly been with peoples throughout the world whose lives are impacted by poverty, poor health, and violence, including war.

So a quick update on our whereabouts. We departed from Romania on December 23 to return to the States for the holidays. We spent a week with family, a week with friends, as well as visits to doctors and pharmacies to prepare for Tanzania, and the final week in Omaha, Nebraska for meetings with Mosaic colleagues.

We departed for Tanzania on January 14! It’s a very long flight but neither of us gets much sleep because we are so excited about our arrival there.

This past fall in Romania was very busy and productive and enjoyable, as this winter/spring will be in Tanzania! The next blog entry will be posted from Tanzania!

Barb & Rich


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