Tanzania – Introduction of New Mosaic Fellows

Moshi – November 1, 2012

We want to introduce everyone to our two new Mosaic Fellows who have joined our work at the Building a Caring Community (“BCC”) project in Tanzania. Last year, John and Melissa did an outstanding job working with our partners in the area of micro-finance, helping Kaaya design and start a new Preventative Health Care Program and supporting the team on a wide range of other projects, including fundraising.

We are proud to introduce you to Elin and Johnson. They will be with the Mosaic Fellowship program for one year.

Elin Winbladh is a speech pathologist from Sweden. Among her many duties will be working with the 11 BCC centers directly with the children, particularly with those who have severe speech problems. She was a volunteer with BCC last winter and was accepted as a Mosaic Fellow this past summer. She has started her work in the centers by first conducting evaluations of 22 of the children. Her long-term goal is to create new methods of training staff to carry on the therapeutic procedures she will design with Kaaya and the staff of BCC.

Johnson Foya was trained at the Faraja School for Deacons in Social Work and most recently finished his Diploma at the local University for Community Development. Johnson also came to BCC through an internship he completed with BCC last spring. Johnson is from the Moshi region and brings many community contacts with him. His focus is on the expansion of our current micro-credit loan program and the creation of new social businesses that create employment opportunities for the parents and caregivers of the children in BCC. With the support of a three-year grant from the ELCA’s World Hunger program, he will be working to extend micro-credit loans to young adults who have either intellectual disabilities or physical disabilities. In addition, he will serve as the primary grant writer for BCC.Elin and Johnson

We welcome Elin and Johnson to the Mosaic Fellows Program and wish them the best! Watch for their upcoming blogs on the Mosaic International Website.


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