October 10, 2012

Through the years of working with children and families in human service organizations, medical settings, and public schools, I feel like I have seen a wide range of donations, both in-kind and monetary, given to benefit those in need.

I am aware of four donations to Motivation Romania during my first three weeks of being here this fall that are representative of that wide range.

  • First was a large bag of dozens of new sweatshirts and tee-shirts of varying sizes.

  • Then restaurant space was donated for a series of training events coming up.

  • A few days later, a local store donated a truck load of home furnishings, including major appliances, after having been only briefly used in an exhibit.

  • Finally, just a couple of days ago, there was a woman who happened to be near the location of a few of the teens and young adults who receive services from Motivation. It was thought that she saw one of the young people providing a good natured push to his friend who is a wheelchair user. She walked up to a staff person and said something like, “Motivation helps children, so take this,” and handed her a 5 lei note.

Thousands of organizations worldwide receive all types of new or clean and gently used in-kind donations. These items need to be put to good use and be appreciated. Money, of course, is always welcome in any amount. Donors may wonder if their in-kind or monetary gifts make it to the places and people for whom they are intended. Obviously I can only speak for a small number of people or places in the world, but I do know that all the people who work at Motivation and/or who are served by this organization have a great deal of respect for donors and appreciate what is given. Absolutely nothing goes to waste!

Oh, and that 5 lei note (about $1.43 US)? I hope the woman who gave the cash has some idea of the number of smiles she created on the spot and also as the story of her kind gesture got around!

Barb Carman


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