October 6, 2012

Basketball dreams are in the air, especially following the very first tournament between the six Motivation Romania teams from around the country.  And, of course, the dreams were also fueled by the bigger and better- than-ever Paralympics Games in London a few weeks ago.

I had the good fortune of being a spectator during one of the days of the two-day tournament.  I was driven to the event by a friend along with another passenger, both of whom were athletes in the tournament.  They, along with the other athletes had two obvious things in common:  they were passionate about basketball, and they use wheelchairs for their mobility.  After that, there was the diversity that is present in most groups:  gender, age, body build and strength characteristics, and varying skill levels in the activity. 

The reasons for using wheelchairs, length of time, and life before and after were not part of conversations that day.  What was really important and evident was the comfort level which seemed to increase as the day went on … friendship, competition, good sportsmanship and pride in the actions, words, smiles and laughter of the athletes. 

Ah, now for that big dream!  I heard the word “Rio” over and over all day!  Many of the athletes are excited and motivated to do whatever is necessary to work towards having Motivation athletes represent Romania in four years at the Paralympics in Rio de Janiero.  I did not hear anyone expressing doubts, but rather the need for money, more tournaments and practice, more young players, etc.

The message here is that dreams to become reality, as one of the athletes said.

Sports chair, waiting for an athlete



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