Back in Romania

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012

The first week of being back in Romania is almost over and already the time is passing at high speed!  There has been the usual friendly and thoughtful welcome here of a home cooked dinner upon arrival, a generous supply of food in our refrigerator, flowers on my desk at the office, and lots of smiles and hugs.

This area is receiving an extension of summer with daytime temperatures being in the mid to high 80’s.  It may be uncomfortable, but the good news is that some of the fabulous Romanian tomatoes are still around.  Unfortunately the country, as a whole, has suffered drought conditions like so many other places in the world this year.

Romanian politics and the economy are in the news.  This doesn’t seem quite as intense as in the US, but then not having a good understanding of the language may be making it easier for me to deal with it here.  There was a referendum on the President this year in Romania, the result being to keep him in office.

Motivation activities are in full swing!  The staff and children are very busy in their work and activities.  Watch for the next entry coming very soon!



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