Tanzania – Another Great Day for Health Care!

August 6, 2012

Our blog entry of March 15 was also about a great day for health care at Building a Caring Community (BCC) in Moshi, Tanzania. That was the day that health assessments began for all the BCC children as a part of the newly established ProMot Health initiative, whether they attended one of the 11 centers or received services in their homes.

On July 28, BCC celebrated another first! The first of two clinic days per year was held where the children had lab work performed and had access to specialty doctors. Children and their caregivers who were unable to arrange transport, were picked up by Julius Lema, the Diaconic Director of the ELCT-ND. Data from that day is currently being compiled by BCC staff, so more specific information is not available from us at this time. However, we felt that we wanted to share the news because of it being such a dramatic development in the lives of our BCC families. It’s a giant step forward for them to feel a safe connection with their community by coming out of the shadows and having others recognize that children and adults with disabilities deserve respect and the opportunity for good healthcare.

Again, it’s another example of people coming together to make something new and wonderful happen! The coordination of KCMC physicians and medical students, BCC staff, various visiting volunteers, and donors made it a success!

Enjoy the couple of pictures that we received from BCC.


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