2012 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games: Romania

July 26, 2012, Part 2

Please refer to the previous entry for Olympic information for Tanzania and for additional general Olympic history.


  • First participated in Olympic Games in 1900, with one participant.  Romania did not participate for a few of the years since then, mainly in the earlier years.

  • The Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee was created and recognized in 1914.

  • About 99 Romanian athletes will compete in London this summer (number varies slightly depending on source).

  • A total of 293 medals have been won, with gymnastics being the top sport.

  • In 1976, fourteen-year-old Nadia Comaneci entered the record books by earning the first “perfect 10” in the history of gymnastics. In fact, she earned seven of them that year. In the Olympic games of 1976 and 1980, Nadia won a total of nine medals, five of them being gold. There are many websites that have information and videos of her.

  • Nadia Comaneci is currently involved with Romanian Special Olympics as well as serving on the board of International Special Olympics.

  • Romania first participated in the Paralympic Summer Games in 1972, sending one athlete. This summer, Romania will be represented by nine athletes.

  • Participation in the winter Paralympic Games started in 2010 with one athlete.

Resources for Information:

BBC Sport, UK in Romania.gov.uk, World Records Academy.org, International Paralympic Committee, Romania at the Olympics-Wikipedia, IPPMedia


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