2012 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games: Tanzania

July 23, 2012, Part 1

I started out looking at historic and current information about Tanzania’s and Romania’s participation in these International Olympic events, thinking this would be fairly easy. Boy was I wrong! There is so much information available for Romania to sift through. On the other hand, there was much less information available for Tanzania, which did not surprise me, but I found myself searching through every link to find a bit more information. Consequently, this is a two-part blog entry, one on each country.

  • Olympic Games in London, July 27 – August 12

  • Paralympic Games in London, August 29 – September 9


  • First participated in Olympic Games in 1964 (participates in summer games only)

  • Two medals in 1980 in Moscow for “athletics” which encompasses the track & field events

  • Seven athletes attending this year: one woman competing in swimming – 100 meter freestyle (age 22), and one woman competing in track – 5000 meter (age 28). Five men, three of whom will run the men’s marathon (ages 26, 29, & 31), one man competing in welterweight boxing (age 28), and one man swimming – 100 meter freestyle (age 15).

  • Tanzania is being welcomed into International Inspiration at the games this year, which is an organization that works with developing countries to encourage physical sports and play, to enrich the lives of young people, and focuses on inclusion of girls and children with disabilities.

  • Paralympic sports events began as an extension of rehabilitation process for injured WWII veterans in Germany (another article said England) in 1948. One other country competed with them in 1952 bringing the total number of athletes to 130. By 1960, 400 athletes from 23 countries participated and this year 4200 athletes will represent 160 countries. Originally, paralympic athletes had medical classifications, but by the 1980’s it was changing to functional classifications.

  • Tanzania first participated in paralympic competition in 1992 with one athlete, then two athletes in 2004, and one athlete in 2008.

  • Only one Tanzanian paralympic athlete is competing this summer because of lack of funding in TZ. The International Olympic Committee is paying for this athlete who will compete in the shot-put and the discus events.

Resources for information:

BBC Sport, The Telegraph, London 2012, International Inspiration, The Nation (newspaper out of Kenya), IOC, International Paralympic Movement, IPPMedia, All Africa Sports, International Paralympic Committee, Tanzania Olympic Committee


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