Speaking of those traveling volunteers…

Moshi, Tanzania
July 6, 2012

I received an email today from a young woman (early 20’s), Elin G-A, who just returned home to Sweden after 10 – 12 weeks in Tanzania, during which much of her time was spent volunteering for Building a Caring Community (BCC), the project that was started almost five years ago by Mosaic and its Tanzanian partner the ELCT-ND.

I met Elin in late March at one of BCC’s eleven centers and I was very impressed with her outlook on life and maturity. She had traveled to many countries in all parts of the world, for pleasure, learning, and volunteer work. While in Moshi, she was impressed by the work and goals of BCC and became very attached to the children, families, and staff. So she wanted to leave a gift when she departed. Along with a man from Kenya with whom she became acquainted, money was provided for the construction of a paved path and ramp into Rau center, where there had not been this ease of accessibility before. They also provided money to one of the BCC parent cooperatives to make uniforms for all the children in the BCC centers. If you are wondering why uniforms are important, it is to have the BCC school-age children blend in and be prepared for public school attendance with other children in the community. Uniforms are required in the public schools, but are not affordable for many families in Moshi.

Back to Elin: I decided to write about her because it fit with the last blog entry which Rich had written. It’s pure coincidence that I heard from Elin today who is now working in Sweden with 16 children and teens who have Asperger’s syndrome.

THANK YOU ELIN for the time, caring, and generosity that you provided to BCC! You truly left your heart print there!


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