BABY P. FROM TANZANIA 4-2-2012, Part 1

An infant boy, who I will refer to as Baby P, was brought to a Building a Caring Community (BCC) day center two weeks ago for a medical assessment by the medical students and Dr. Metweve of KCMC, who partner with BCC in the ProMot Healthcare Project. Baby P. was noticeably underweight for his 1.2 years of age and he responded minimally to the attentions of people and his surroundings. His mother reported that he was born two months premature weighing just one kilo (2.2 lbs.). There is scarring on his head where fluid had been drained from his brain. Since birth, he has been kept at home with little or no follow-up medical care, insufficient nourishment, and lying positioned on his back. Dr. Metweve’s recommendations were for him to attend the center, to feed him a particular baby food to build up nutrients and weight, to position him on his stomach, and to start moving his arms and legs immediately.

I saw Baby P. this week. The pictures tell it all! He is alert, having fun with the new found movements of his arms and legs, and is eating as though he’s determined to make up for lost time. You may notice that in the picture of feeding, he grabs the spoon when the adult starts to remove it from his mouth to get more food for him. He now weighs five kilos (11 lbs.), compared to being between 3.5 and 4 kilos when he attended the medical assessment.

Baby P. is certainly a success story of the ProMot Healthcare Project, which is funded through private donations. The next blog entry tells the larger story of Baby P.


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