Through Their Eyes

Fatuma – Majengo 1

Fatuma is an 8 year old young girl who attends the day center at Majengo 1. She started attending the Majengo 2 day center in 2008. Fatuma has been in and out of the day center programs for the past few years. We have not seen her very often because she attended the day center so infrequently over the first several months of our fellowship.

Fatuma lives with her younger brother, her father, and her step-mother in a rented home. Fatuma stopped attending the Majengo 1 day center when her mother passed away two years ago. Her father is a safari driver and he did not have much time at home to care for Fatuma. He was eventually remarried, but his new wife did not properly care for Fatuma because she was unfamiliar with children who have disabilities and did not know how to properly care for Fatuma. Due to regular follow up visits to Fatuma’s home preformed by the outreach worker in the Majengo Parish, Fatuma is now regularly attending the Majengo 1 day center and has been attending for a couple of months!

When Fatuma returned to the day center, she was extremely malnourished. Fatuma’s father made enough money to pay for food from his work as a safari driver, but Fatuma’s step-mother was not sure how to properly care for Fatuma and she did not properly assist her with eating. Fatuma’s step-mother started bringing Fatuma to the day center and working to learn how to properly care for Fatuma.

Fatuma’s step-mother is working to understand how to perform the physical therapy that Fatuma needs. Fatuma’s step-mother has been learning from the Majengo 1 day center staff, but she is also planning to attend the CCBRT week of intensive training in order to learn more about physical therapy and about Fatuma.

Due to the absence of physical therapy over the past several years, and because of the lack of proper nutrition, Fatuma has become sick more frequently. With the Pro-Mot Healthcare system, Fatuma will be assessed by KCMC medical students four times per year. The medical students will be able to discuss health concerns with Fatuma’s step-mother as well as make suggestions to improve her quality of life. Fatuma will also benefit from seeing a medical doctor twice a year as well as a dentist and an eye doctor once per year.

The benefit of the Pro-Mot Healthcare system is not simply the healthcare check-ups that each child served by BCC will receive. It is also the education and experience that the parents will receive from the doctors and medical students, as well as the experience that the doctors and medical students will receive while working with children with disabilities and their families. If you are interested in donating to the Pro-Mot Healthcare program, please contact Megan


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