PROMOT Healthcare Program is Born

???????????????????By Rich Carman

For the very first time, on this day, the children of Building a Caring Community (BCC), Mosaic International’s program in Tanzania, received health assessments at a day center. This was a cause for great celebration for both Mosaic International and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania’s Norther Diocese, our partner in Tanzania, and home of BCC. It was also the first time that physicians and medical students from the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) had joined up with a community organization to provide this service which has been given the name PROMOT Healthcare.

Two physicians and about eight students performed extensive intake interviews with the parents/caregivers and they assessed eleven children who have disabilities. For the medical students, this was the first time they were exposed to such impoverished areas of Moshi. It was also their initial experience in meeting children whose disabilities may have been prevented orl essened with prenatal care and/or necessary medical intervention for the child at an earlier age. Dr.Mtweve, a pediatrician who was present, stated that malnourishment and/or malaria were at the root of so much of what they saw that day.

The following day, the intakes and assessments were performed at two more of the eleven centers. The remaining eight are scheduled during the next 2½ weeks, including children who receive services from BCC at home. What a wonderful experience to see and hear the grateful parents, the kind, gentle and respectful approach from physicians and med students, and the caring and flexible BCC staff who worked magic to make sure that parents/caregivers and children attended. A very cooperative effort!

It is important to note that this project is funded by donations from individuals, families and small groups of people through Mosaic International.

And now for a few more photos of this historic start.


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