Through Their Eyes

Joyce – Rau

Joyce is a young girl who attends the day center at Rau. She is about 9 years old. She has been attending the day center since the center opened in 2008. She enjoys singing and spending time with her peers outside.

Joyce has two siblings and lives with her mother and father. The family rents two rooms in a multi-family rented compound. Joyce’s parents are day laborers. On average, the family makes approximately $1.00 per day. At this income level, the family will be classified by the United Nations as living in extreme poverty.

Joyce has a birth defect known as hydrocephalous. She has a shunt in her head to drain extra fluid off of her brain and into her bladder. This is common for children with hydrocephalous. Because Joyce is young and still growing, she requires an operation approximately every 2-3 years for a new shunt in her head. The operations are very expensive. KCMC assists her family by providing the service at a highly discounted rate, but it is still too much for the family to afford.

With the Pro-Mot Healthcare program, there will be money available for Joyce to receive her surgeries. Joyce will also receive regular examinations by KCMC medical students. She will also receive two general healthcare screenings by a doctor each year.

We have finished our Hike 4 Healthcare climb and we successfully reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, but we are still working to raise funds for the Pro-Mot Healthcare program. If you are interested in donating, please contact Megan


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