Through Their Eyes

Ireen – Kiboriloni

Ireen is an 8 year old girl who infrequently attends the day center at Kiboriloni. As we have mentioned before, we visit Kiboriloni more frequently than any other day center because that is the location of the two bag cooperatives. Unfortunately, even with all of our visits to the Kiboriloni day center, we have only seen Ireen one time. Due to that, we do not have a picture of her to post on this blog.

Ireen lives with both parents. Her father is a semi-truck driver and earns approximately 100,000 per month, or $67.00. Because of his job, he is not at home very often. He does pay the rent for the house but he does not give any money from his earnings to his wife for food, water, etc., so there is not enough money for Ireen and her mother to meet their basic needs. Ireen’s father is also not around very often to assist Ireen’s mother with caring for Ireen.

In order to make up for the shortfall of income, Ireen’s mother acts like a cleaning lady of sorts. She goes to the homes of individuals in the church who have a higher economic standing and performs chores for them such as doing their laundry, cleaning their house, or getting groceries for them. She does these chores in exchange for a small amount of money. On average, she makes less than one $1.00 per day.

Ireen’s mother is still apprehensive to work with BCC. She only takes Ireen to the day center when other individuals in the community cannot watch her. She has also refused a microcredit loan twice. It is unclear why she is so apprehensive to work with BCC, but staff continues to work with her so that she understands how BCC can support her and Ireen.

This is one excellent example of why the Pro-Mot Healthcare system will help. Ireen has trouble hearing. She also has consistent stomach problems. She regularly visits KCMC and other hospitals in the area and she is often turned away, either because her mother cannot pay the bill or because the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong.

With the Pro-Mot Healthcare system, Ireen will receive quarterly visits from a KCMC medical student. She will also receive two general healthcare screenings by a medical doctor. She will receive one dental exam and one hearing exam per year. The Pro-Mot Healthcare system is all through one hospital, so there will be continuity of services and the doctors may be able to better understand Ireen’s frequent illnesses.

With this program, on top of the physical therapy, educational services, and social integration that BCC already provides, BCC thinks that Ireen’s mother will become less apprehensive to work with BCC. This will greatly increase the quality of life for Ireen, as well as her mother.

Even though we are currently climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Pro-Mot Healthcare program, it is not too late to donate. If you are interested in donating to the Pro-Mot Healthcare program please contact Megan


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