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We mentioned in the “Update” this week that we attended the Pro-Mot Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony. As we mentioned, approximately 25 people from both the ELCT-ND and KCMC attended the event. The attendees included KCMC medical student volunteers, the KCMC Community Health Department director, Dr. Declare (our contact and partner throughout the program brainstorming process), the BCC management team and staff, Rich, Barb, and us. It was great to get everyone together and formally launch and discuss the program! Below is a picture of everyone at the ceremony.

The agenda began with Kaaya giving an overview of the Pro-Mot Health program. He explained how complicated medical care can be for children with disabilities and their families. He described the difficulty of the transportation system for children with disabilities and he discussed the importance of the program for the BCC project. He also gave a brief orientation of the BCC project and discussed how the Pro-Mot Health program fits into the project goals. Below is a photo of Kaaya giving his part of the presentation.

After Kaaya spoke, Dr. Declare discussed the Community Health Department at KCMC. He explained the department structure and their goals. He also explained how the program fits into their project goals. He concluded by introducing the medical students we would be working with and the main contact person for the program.

Once Dr. Declare was finished, we spoke about the Pro-Mot Health structure. We explained that the program works with medical students as well as doctors from KCMC. We also explained that it is important for the program to work with current doctors as well as the medical leaders of tomorrow in order for the children served by BCC to receive quality healthcare as well for future medical leaders to learn about serving children with disabilities.

We described the student visits. The students will go to each day center and visit each child served through the in-home support program. They will check height, weight, temperature, and other information. They will record all of the information and they will recommend any follow up appointments, if necessary. We also described the large bi-annual health screenings. We mentioned that each child served by BCC will have lab draws at the screenings and that each child will see a dentist and an eye doctor once per year. A photo of us speaking at the event is below.

Once we were finished, Barb spoke about the fundraising program for the Pro-Mot Health program. She described the Hike 4 Healthcare and mentioned that we have already raised funds for one year of the program! She expressed her hope for the future of the program and described how this is one of very few, if any, healthcare programs which will directly benefit children with intellectual disabilities in developing countries.

Both KCMC and BCC are very excited about the program! In fact, as we were all introducing ourselves after the presentations were over KCMC and BCC continued brainstorming more ideas that will make the program successful! One idea included having a medical student work directly with 10 children served by BCC starting in their third year of medical school. They would keep the same group of children until they graduate, which would be after their sixth year of medical school. That would mean that one student would work with the same 10 children and their families on healthcare issues. That could be a very beneficial twist to the program! Such individualized attention could have many benefits for the children and their families. Our hopes continue to grow for what this program will do for this community!

No matter what happens, it was a wonderful feeling to see the program become formal. The program will not officially begin until the second week of March. It will begin with the medical students gathering baseline data on every child with disabilities served by BCC. The first large health screening is scheduled to occur March 23. We hope that we will be able to assist with the event before we head home on March 25.

We have one final note about the Hike 4 Healthcare. Our friends from Motivation Romania, who John worked with after college, gave us a $400 donation for the Hike 4 Healthcare! We were shocked by the generosity of this partner organization, which is also part of IMPACT and supported by Mosaic. A few years ago, a staff member from Mosaic climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and raised a large sum of money for Motivation Romania. Cristian Ispas, the Director of Motivation Romania, told us that he knows how good it feels to have someone help your organization raise money. We are extremely grateful for their generosity!

If you are interested in donating to the Hike 4 Healthcare please contact Megan Moslander at


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