Through Their Eyes

Isidori – Rau

Isidori is a young boy who attends the Rau day center. He is 10 years old and has a beautiful smile. He has been attending the Rau day center since it opened in 2008. He enjoys coloring and he is very skilled at workbooks, reading, and writing.

Isidori’s father left the family after he was born because of Isidori’s disability. His mother married another man and had two more children. That man passed away a couple of years ago. Isidori, his siblings, and his mother live with his uncle in the uncle’s house. The uncle is very supportive, and is the main reason that Isidori is attending the BCC day center program.

Isidori’s mother does not work regularly. The uncle works as a day laborer. Totaled together, the family averages an income of about $1 per day. The family rarely has three meals a day and unexpected needs, such as a doctor appointment, are fundraised from the church.

Isidori becomes ill often and, because of this, he is frequently absent from the day center. He regularly has stomach pain and a high fever. He also has a severe skin rash. Isidori is taking regular medication to treat the skin rash. His medication costs about $4 per month. The family is able to afford the medication, but follow-up appointments and other doctor visits are rarely attended because they can’t afford the bill.

With the Pro-Mot Healthcare program, Isidori will receive regular doctor visits. Funding will also be available for him to attend emergency doctor visits. His family will be financially supported with the doctor visits and Isidori will receive reliable healthcare.

If you are interested in donating to the Hike 4 Healthcare (which begins this weekend!), the fundraiser for the Pro-Mot Healthcare program, please contact Megan at


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