It has been very hot in Moshi for the past few months. Our walks to and from town were incredibly hot and dusty. We would plan our day around the afternoon heat in order to avoid walking during the hottest part of the day. With every step, fine dust would erupt up from under our feet, making our feet and legs brown from our day’s walk.

Recently, we have had some much needed relief in the form of afternoon rain showers. Before this week, it had not rained in Moshi since mid December. For the past few days, rain clouds gather around Mt. Kilimanjaro and spread to cover the Moshi municipal area in a soothing rain shower. It has been a welcomed break from the afternoon heat and, as the dust can show, the rain was needed!

For us, this week has been very successful! We began the week with a meeting to finalize the PECS program which is to be used in the day centers. We have spent months copying, cutting, laminating, and working on ways to implement the program. It was great to be able to put some final touches on the PECS program. By mid-March, every day center will have a copy of the PECS cards and will begin working with the children served by BCC to develop alternative communication methods.

We then attended the Pro-Mot Health Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony. It was a ceremony with about 25 people in attendance. There were key members of KCMC and BCC in attendance. We were very excited to be able to attend the event! We will discuss this event in more detail in the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section this week. Also, to continue our Hike 4 Healthcare stories, we will blog about another child who will greatly benefit from the Pro-Mot Health program in the “Through Their Eyes” section this week.

We also met with both bag cooperatives this week. Rich and Barb held a celebration for their successes as cooperatives at Bristol Cottages. They also used the meeting to discuss what has been happening with the businesses and to figure out some future details. It was great to have a celebration with these two groups. They worked so hard over the past year and it was very powerful to be able to honor them for their hard work. Below you will find a few photos of the meeting.

We have been diligently working out and walking the long way to and from town every day.  We also ran the Kilimanjaro half marathon on Sunday instead of walking aimlessly for 3 hours as we normally do.  We were exited because we finished the race faster than we normally do in Denver, and haven’t actually run in a year!  We finished in 2 hours and 37 minutes.  A photo of us after the race is below.  It was a wonderful event!  We climb Mt. Kilimanjaro next week!  We can’t believe it!!!



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