Through Their Eyes

Gift – Moshi 1

Gift is a 10-year-old boy who attends the day center at Moshi 1. He started attending the day center when it began in 2008. His mother is a paid volunteer at the day center, so she is able to work while Gift receives physical therapy and other services in the day center.

Gift’s father left the family after he was born because he was born with a disability. His mother makes about 27 dollars a month as a stipend for her assistance at the day center. Gift is an only child. He and his mother rent a one-room apartment in a multi-family home.

Gift has difficulty breathing and eating. He receives extensive physical therapy from CCBRT while he is in the day center. He has recently undergone an operation that provided him with a trache to assist him with breathing and eating. The operation was very serious and the local parish did a fundraiser to pay for the operation.

Gift’s mother has to do a lot of maintenance on the trache. It becomes dirty often and regularly needs to be cleaned with special cleaning supplies. She finds is difficult to pay for the proper cleaning supplies. Because of this, Gift’s trache often becomes infected. This results in Gift going to the hospital to receive treatment, which his mother also struggles to afford.

With the Hike 4 Healthcare, Gift will receive regular assistance with his trache from doctors and medical students. Finances will be available for cleaning supplies. There will also be finances available for him to go to the doctor if his trache becomes infected.


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