This week was insane! John came down with a nasty cold, four individuals that work with Motivation Romania landed, Rich and Barb hosted a large gathering in the lawn outside of our house, and Moshi continues to get hotter by the minute!

We started the week by going on our very long walk around Moshi. We got up early because the day before we ended up being invited to a lodge on the side of Mt. Kilimanjaro for a promotion that the lodge was having. It was a lovely afternoon, but that meant a hot, long walk Monday morning. We survived, and then we continued to work on a final fellowship report that the ELCT-ND Bishop, Assistant Bishop, Treasurer, General Secretary, and other leadership members asked us to write. They want a year summary, information about what we learned, any suggestions we may have for BCC, and ideas for the future. We ended up writing 25 pages of information! We didn’t intend to write so much, but by the time we made note of all that has happened, follow-up action items, and suggestions, the report turned out to be long! We also designed a PowerPoint presentation because we have to present to the leaders as well. All of this happens on Valentine’s Day so it’s sure to be a memorable day!

This past week, we continued our daily walks and our four times per week workout routine. We continued with the same numbers of squats, lunges, sit-ups, crunches, and other exercises. John’s cold kept him in bed for a day, but he was able to keep moving the rest of the week.

We spent one day of the week copying manuals for BCC staff. When Susie from Mosaic visited in October, she asked for all of the training manuals provided by Mosaic to be translated into Swahili. This task was accomplished, but now all of the manuals have to be duplicated and distributed. We are almost done with the project!

We also spent a day showing the Romanians to a few BCC day centers and around town. Two of the individuals visiting from Romania are wheelchair users so they will help BCC design appropriate wheelchair ramps for the day centers during their stay here.

We ended the work week by having a gathering in the lawn at our house. Rich and Barb invited several of their Tanzanian, European, Australian, and American friends to the house for a small get-together. We ate good Tanzanian food, listened to music, and socialized with our friends from around the world. We also sang Happy Birthday to Jesse’s son, Issac, and ate chocolate cake in true Tanzanian fashion. Issac has become a very good friend of ours. In fact, John has become a little nervous that our 4 year old friend Issac may steal Melissa away from him! The photo below shows the cake we baked for Issac and the next photos show Issac serving small pieces of cake on toothpicks to us, and all of the other guests as well – the tradition here in Tanzania.

Next week, we will present our final report to the ELCT-ND leadership, continue to work on a few projects, and say farewell to our Romanian friends by the end of the week. It’s hard to believe that we only have 6 weeks left in Moshi!

We hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!!


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