Through Their Eyes

Margaret – Moshi 2 Day Center

Margret is a 14-year-old girl who attends the day center at Moshi 2.  She has attended the day center since it opened in 2008.  Her grandmother heard about the BCC program through a church announcement and since then, Margret has been a regular attendee.  She is a beautiful young girl and she enjoys being in the company of others.  Below is a picture of Margret.


Margret has an interesting family background.  Her father left the family when she was born because of her disability.  Her mother is a day laborer and could not raise Margret on her own.  Margret moved in with her grandmother so that her grandmother could provide the necessary care while Margret’s mother worked throughout the day. Two or three years ago, Margret’s grandmother passed away.  Since then, Margret has lived with her mother.  Margret’s mother takes her to the BCC day center and she is still able to work during the day as a day laborer.

Margret and her mother live in a semi-traditional home, which is a two-room mud and stick house with a tin roof.  Margret’s mother raises some animals, so the animals spend the night in one room and the family lives in the other room.  The kitchen is outside and they do not have a bathroom.

When Margret first started attending the BCC day center, she was extremely malnourished. She also had several minor bed sores from lying in one position for too long.  Through proper education about positioning and through daily nutritious meals provided in the BCC day center, Margaret is no longer experiencing these difficulties.

While no longer experiencing malnourishment and bed sores is an extreme improvement in Margret’s quality of life, she still becomes ill often.  She contracts malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia often.  Because of her mother’s meager income of less than a dollar a day, Margaret cannot afford regular health visits.  The local church parish provides money for emergency appointments, but sometimes funds are not available and Margret does not receive medical attention.

Through funds raised by the Hike 4 Healthcare, Margret will be able to receive emergency checkups between doctor visits.  This will not only increase the quality of life for Margret, but it will provide a holistic solution to many of her family’s struggles.


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