Inspirational Tid-Bits

Our walk to work: Part 2

Last week we shared the first part of our daily walk to work in our Inspirational “Tid-Bits” blog ( This week we will finish sharing photos of our walk to work. Our first part of the walk ended as we transitioned from dirt paths to pavement and turned away from Mt. Kilimanjaro.

As we walk on the pavement, more people, traffic, and businesses surround us. Below is a photo of a man welding. Men weld on the side of the road at several points along our route. We try to look the other way so that the bright light does not damage our eyes, but thankfully Melissa’s dad informed us that it won’t be too damaging because the sparks are not bright enough.

After the men welding, we turn around another corner and we find a street that serves as a short cut to Union Café, where we go to use the internet, drink coffee, and relax. However, to get to the office, we continue straight. Below is a picture of the intersection.

As we continue on, we often see people that we pass nearly every day. The men in the photo below have a repair stand on the side of the road under a tree that provides a decent amount of shade. They seem to repair everything from shoes to bikes, and they are always busy.

We are beginning to enter Moshi Town and the hustle and bustle of the city starts to increase as we slowly approach the main part of the city. Below you will see a photo of backpacks and purses being sold. Street vendors bring their items (including: shoes, socks, undergarments, utensils, clothes, fruits, vegetables, and an assortment of other new and second-hand products) to the sidewalks every day to make money. It’s always fun to see what’s for sale on any given day.

The daladalas (mini-buses) pick up people along their routes, people are walking to and from work, and many people are trying to sell products to earn their daily wage. The daladalas are always doing their best to add more passengers to their car. They say that there is always room for one more! In other words, the daladalas are always full but they are always trying to add more people. The driver stays in the car and another man hangs out the window telling people where the bus is going. This always adds to the excitement in town!

Along our walk, we have to be very careful. The photo below shows concrete bricks over a gutter. Many of the bricks are missing and therefore there are many holes around town. We have learned that we have to stay alert or we may end up in a gutter at any moment!

Amidst the craziness in town, people are always working to keep it neat and tidy. The woman below is sweeping dirt and trash out of the street. Several individuals have been hired by the city to perform this task. You can see that the woman has a mask on her face to avoid inhaling the dust that she sweeps up.

Finally, we arrive at the office. Behind the bushes, you can see the front of the building where the church office is located. The women in front of the bushes are selling shoes and socks as street vendors. Typically there are women selling avocados, bananas, and carrots nearby so we often do a bit of shopping on our way into or out of the office.


At this point, we have been walking about 45 minutes and, as the clouds start to disappear over the Moshi sky, the day is becoming hotter and hotter. At the end of the day, we turn around and follow the same path home. Although it can be an exhausting journey, we think we are really going to miss this part of life in Moshi.


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