We have been up and down, left and right, and putting many pieces together this week. So many little things are coming together. The little things are starting to add up and we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on many of the larger projects. It is great to be here long enough to see some of the final products of the hard work that was done by BCC over the course of the past 10 months.

On Monday, we had a very productive staff meeting. We met with Genevieve, the BCC Health/Education Coordinator, and Kaaya, the BCC Project Coordinator, and reviewed the progress made on the three-year strategic plan. This type of meeting can be long and drawn out, but it was a great re-cap of the year and evidenced the fact that the team has been able to accomplish many tasks!

We visited the young adults who are attending Imani vocational school. They are all so excited to be learning. For most of the young adults, this is their first time being away from home. Some of them missed their families and wanted us to give them messages. Others wanted us to have their families send them some extra items. Overall it was great to see them. They all know that they have a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable vocational skills that will one day help them gain employment, give back to their families, and slowly break the negative cultural stigma surrounding individuals with disabilities.

Below is a photo of Hawa. She is being pushed by a new friend that she made at Imani. We were so happy to see many of the young adults meeting new people and enjoying their new home away from home.

We were also able to meet with Dr. Declare, the KCMC representative with whom we are working for the preventive healthcare program. We worked on some of the details of documents with him and formalized the plan throughout the rest of the week. We sent final copies to KCMC for approval. We will soon have the formalities of the program set in place! All we need to do is continue to raise funding for the program through the Hike 4 Healthcare.

Speaking of the Hike 4 Healthcare, we are continuing to diligently work out in preparation for our climb. Last week we did the same workout as we did the week before. This week we plan to increase our number of lunges and squats in order to prepare our legs for the uphill climb. We also will soon begin climbing staircases at the office in order to prepare our legs for the steeper sections of the climb.

With all of these things, we were still able to visit the two bag cooperatives. They are all doing a wonderful job of making the bags. Both cooperatives had new patterns of cloth to use for the bags. It was great to visit them and to see the successes that business can bring!

We are currently in Uganda for a very short trip to see another East African country. We are having a great time and we will write more about it next week!

We will discuss another child’s story and how the preventative healthcare program will benefit them and their family in the “Through Their Eyes” blog this week. We will also finish our two part section on our walk to work.


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