We had a very busy week at BCC!

On Monday, all of the young adults who were accepted into Imani vocational school had their first day of school. All of the young adults were so excited! It was great to see their excitement and to be a part of their special day. We wrote more about their first day in the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section last week (http://mosaicfellows.tumblr.com/post/16108823616/inspirational-tid-bits). With the vocational skills and education the young adults receive at Imani, the young adults will be able to gain employment through a microcredit loan or a social business. This employment will not only assist their family to escape extreme poverty, it will also work toward breaking down cultural barriers!

On Tuesday, Rich and Barb, our Mosaic supervisors, returned to Tanzania. Rich and Barb spend about 3-4 months in Tanzania, 3-4 months in Romania working with Motivation Romania, and the rest of the year working in the United States. They will be in Tanzania for the remainder of our trip. We are incredibly surprised at how quickly the time had gone. We are happy to have them back in Tanzania and we look forward to learning from them during our last two months!

We also met with a group called Autism Connects. This is an organization run by a couple of special education teachers who specialize in teaching children with Autism. BCC serves children with Autism and the center workers struggle with the best methods to teach these children. It will be a great contact for BCC and it will provide the center workers a culturally sensitive contact to answer some of their questions regarding teaching children with Autism.

The rest of the week was spent working with Rich and Barb. We are working with the BCC management team to catch Rich and Barb up on all of the projects included in the strategic plan, which was created before they left on May 1 last year. They have been a little jet lagged, so our excitement to have them back and our enthusiasm to share the progress of some of the projects has probably been a little overwhelming!

Even with all of these things happening, we have still managed to work out in preparation for our Hike 4 Healthcare climb! This week, John did the following: two sets of 50 crunches, one set of 25, and one set of 15 side sit-ups (15 on each side); one set of 25 push-ups and two sets of 20 push-ups; two sets of 30 walking lunges (15 on each leg); three sets of 25 standing lunges (25 on each leg); two sets of 25 squats; and three sets of 15 bicep curls. Melissa did the following: two sets of 70 standing lunges (35 per leg), three sets of 45 sit-ups (one on each side and one in the middle), three sets of 10 push-ups, three sets of 10 dips, two sets of 25 squats, and a longer amount of time doing the squatting ballet exercise! We are also diligently walking to and from work every day. Also, on Sundays we have continued our three-hour walk through Moshi and the surrounding area.

Throughout the next week, we anticipate balancing our time between working with the BCC management team to complete a couple of projects and working with Rich and Barb to initiate some newer projects. We are excited to show Rich and Barb everything that has happened while they were away!

Finally we will spend the weekend and the first part of the following week (January 28 – February 1) in Uganda. We will stay at the Uganda Wildlife Educational Center, which is sort of like a zoo or animal sanctuary on the shores of Lake Victoria just outside of the capital city, Kampala. We are also trying to get in contact with a couple of organizations that work with individuals with disabilities in Uganda so we can learn from their experiences. We will be excited for our trip and to experience another East African country!

In “Through Their Eyes,” we will continue to share children stories and how their lives are greatly affected by healthcare. In the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section this week, we are going to make a slight change. While our parents were here, they thoroughly enjoyed our walking path to and from work. We decided that we wanted to share our walk with everyone in a two part blog post!


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