Through Their Eyes

Queen – Moshi 1

Queen is a young girl who attends the day center at Moshi 1. She was identified as having a disability at a very young age. She is currently 5 years old and has been attending the Moshi 1 Day center since 2009. That day center opened in late 2008, so it was open for 6-8 months before Queen started attending. She is a beautiful little girl who commands your attention upon visiting the day center.

Queen’s development is a little different than most of the other children we have written about in the Through Their Eyes section because she was so young when she started attending the day center. She has always had difficulty positioning herself and with mobility. She also cannot speak. When she first started attending the day center, she could not understand basic language and could not recognize her name.

Now she can stand on her own. She recently received a walker that she uses more as a standing frame to strengthen her leg. She still cannot speak, but she understands basic language and can recognize her name. She has also recently learned how to feed herself with little assistance.

Queen’s family is still intact. Her mother works in business and her father has a good job. They make over the Tanzanian national average of $40 per month. Queen has two brothers; one is older and one is younger. Queen’s family takes very good care of her and they try their best to learn about her disability so that they can better assist her.

Queen’s general health is typically good. She benefits from BCC’s relationship with CCBRT. She has attended CCBRT’s week of intensive care with her mother and, thanks to a donation from a BCC volunteer, she has received a walker.

The biggest difficulty Queen has is her teeth. Her teeth are adult size and are very far forward. She cannot close her lips because they are so far forward. Also, it seems that her teeth regularly hurt her. Queen’s family has tried to take her to the dentist several times, but the dentist always tells the parents to wait and see if she grows into her teeth. The dentists won’t take time to look closer at her teeth to understand the problem. Even with a higher income level, Queen’s parents cannot afford to pay the dentist for a proper exam and proper follow-up.

Through the Hike 4 Healthcare, Queen will be guaranteed one dental exam per year. The follow-up will be covered through the plan and any dental surgery Queen needs will also be covered. Also, BCC will contract specifically with one dentist as opposed to Queen having to visit a medical clinic and work with a busy dentist who rotates with other busy dentists.

With proper dental care, the money generated through the Hike 4 Healthcare will help Queen’s teeth and greatly improve her quality of life.


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