The rains have subsided and the weather is getting hotter by the minute. Mt. Kilimanjaro is in view every morning on the walk to work and each day is dustier than the previous. The sky is a fantastic deep blue; so much so that it would be very difficult to see Mt. Kilimanjaro if it were not for the white snow crest. The uncharacteristic rains over the past few weeks have vanished and it is now clear that we are approaching the peak of summer heat.

Our families have come and gone and, barring any changes (which would be most welcomed!), we are not expecting any family or friend visitors for the duration of our trip. We have spent the past months waiting with great anticipation for our families to visit; we have not thought much past that point. Now they are gone and we are waiting for Rich and Barb to arrive. On May 1 last year, when we said goodbye to Rich and Barb, it felt like forever before they would be back. Now that time has come and we are very excited to see them! It seems that time has an interesting way of sneaking up on you.

This week in the office we have been putting everything together after the extended Christmas break. The BCC management staff has been working diligently to prepare finances for the day centers, complete monthly reports, and to complete some loose ends before Rich and Barb arrive next Monday. We are assisting them in their efforts and also preparing to paint a few of the day centers over the next few months.

This upcoming week, we have a few meetings scheduled. We will spend most of the week in preparation for Rich and Barb. We also may paint Moshi 2 day center. The day center has successfully moved into a new, more spacious facility. The center worker has asked us to paint the inside with animals, much like we did with Karanga 2. We are excited to paint again!

This week in Through Their Eyes we will talk about Queen, a young girl who attends Moshi 1 day center. We will then talk about Charlie Moto’s mother and her successes in making earrings in Inspirational Tid-Bits.

We hope everyone has a great week!


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