Did you know?


  • Romania joined NATO in 2004

  • Romania became part of the European Union in 2007

  • Population is 89% Romanian, 6.6% Hungarian, 2.5% Roma, and a smattering of Germans, Russians, and Ukrainians

  • Population growth is -2.5% —— Romanians leaving to find work in other countries

  • 25% of population lives below poverty line

  • 1.29 babies per woman born —- rank 209th in the world

  • Largest age group (70%) is 15 – 64 years

  • Religion: 87% Romanian Eastern Orthodox, and much smaller percent are Christian and Muslim

  • Bucharest is the capital with a population of 2 million

  • 57% of total population live in urban settings

  • A 2010 estimate shows 50% of population employed in service industry, almost 37% in industry/manufacturing, and 12% in agriculture

  • Planes, trains, autos, buses, provide most transportation, but horse-drawn wagons are still very evident. The Roma population often use these for their businesses and sometimes (less so now) as a home. Farmers, more so in somewhat rural areas, use these for farming, making deliveries of milk, hay, and produce to market places.

More in future blog entries.

Sources of information: CIA Fact Book website

Information from various local Romanian news sources.


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