We spent most of last week in Kisumu, Kenya. We had an amazing experience. We were able to learn more about IMPACT, the Kisumu project, and experience more of East Africa. It is always great to learn more about the world. The more we travel, the more we understand that no two places are exactly the same. Kenya and Tanzania are often compared to each other. Economically, culturally, and historically the two countries are very similar, yet they have many differences. It was great to be able to experience another culture and visit another country in East Africa. We stayed at Sunset Hotel. The photo below helps to explain how the hotel received its name.

It was wonderful to visit the Kisumu project. The project focuses on employment opportunities for young adults with developmental disabilities. Since BCC is making such an effort to seek vocational school and employment options for children served by their system, they will soon have to develop a similar program in order to address the employment needs of the young adults. We are excited about what we have learned and we look forward to implementing the new ideas into BCC’s program! We will discuss our experience in Kisumu and with the IMPACT project in that community in the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section on Thursday.

We returned from our trip to Kisumu on Thanksgiving last week and met Melissa’s parents in the airport! We really did not expect to see them in the airport. They had three flights over the course of 22 hours and we had two flights over the course of 7 hours. Flights are never guaranteed and two of the two people who have visited us were delayed and ended up coming one day late, so we assumed that something would happen and someone would be delayed.

To our surprise, we all showed up on time! It was so amazing to see them! Melissa checked in with immigration and ran to meet them outside of the airport. John was second in line and she left him at the immigration booth. It has been incredible to spend time with them. We have missed our families so much!! We have a lot to be thankful for this year!

We spent the end of the week showing Melissa’s parents the project and following up on some loose ends in BCC. For BCC it was business as usual last week. They were able to get a regular schedule for the second bag cooperative. Rosemary mailed over 400 bags to Mosaic and Genevieve has been working on the child registration child advocacy effort.

Next week we will be on safari for a few days with Melissa’s parents. We finish safari on Tuesday and we will work with BCC on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday evening, John’s parents visit! We are incredibly excited to see them! We will work with BCC on Friday and Saturday. We finish the week with Melissa’s parents flying home on Sunday. We will have such a busy week, but we are really looking forward to everything (except saying goodbye to Melissa’s parents)!

Two weeks ago we had phenomenal results when we asked for funding for Neema’s education at Faraja. We have another story about a child named Nelson. He also has an opportunity to receive an education, but, once again, money is a problem. We will discuss Nelson’s story and his situation in the “Through Their Eyes” section.


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