Happy Halloween! They do not celebrate Halloween in Tanzania, but we think we will explain the holiday in one of the trainings that occur this week! Unfortunately, even if we speak a little about Halloween, we do not think that we will be able to trick-or-treat this year.

Last week we spent most of our time with Susie from Mosaic. She comes to Tanzania once a year to provide training for BCC staff and leadership. Last week, the trainings were primarily conducted by the Tanzanians and Susie offered comments and guidance. This was done to ensure the sustainability of the training program. By doing this, BCC can train any new staff on their own as opposed to Mosaic sending over a trainer every time someone new is hired.

It was amazing to see the BCC staff training one another! They all knew the material, energized the group, and laughed along the way. It was very impressive to see everyone in action. They all did a fantastic job and we are excited to watch them implement the things they learned in the near future!

Throughout last week we were still able to get away from the training to work a little with the cooperative. They are currently sewing an order of grocery bags for Mosaic (see photo below). They look fantastic and are incredibly sturdy! If anyone is interested in a grocery bag, please contact Sharon Walters at sharon.walters@mosaicinfo.org.

We were also able to visit Imani Vocational School, where seven of the current BCC young adults hope to attend in January. Mosaic is interested in working with Imani. Susie was excited to visit the program and investigate training possibilities that Imani staff could use in the future. We toured their facilities and discussed programming needs. We stopped at the sewing program and the young adults showed us their products. The young adults were very interested in selling some items, so after some persuasion on their part, the young adults won; John and Kaaya were measured for full suits. They will return in a few weeks to try on their suits. They are both very excited because the suits match!

This week we will continue to work with Susie. She will conduct proactive management training. The general idea is to switch management style from reactive to proactive. It is a great training and we are excited to participate in it next week. We will also try to work with the cooperative some more. We hope that the second bag cooperative will officially start by the end of the week.

This week in our blogs we will talk about Rukia, another child who receives services from BCC. We will also switch the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section to “Get in My Belly.” We think you will all enjoy the meal we will share!


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