Last week was a great week. We spent Monday in Zanzibar continuing to relax by the beach. We spent Tuesday traveling home and touring around Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital, for a few hours. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were spent working with BCC and finishing some of our projects before Susie, from Mosaic, came to train the BCC staff for two weeks.

Our trip in Zanzibar was just as wonderful as we had hoped. We were able to see some amazing sights and simply sit by the beach. We had a great time learning about another place within Tanzania! We are happy to be back at work and we are excited for our next few weeks with BCC.

We arrived home on Tuesday and we were exhausted from playing too hard in Zanzibar! We fell asleep almost immediately upon arriving home. The rest of the week we worked with the cooperative, applied for a grant, and worked on other loose ends that needed to be completed after our trip. We also spent most of this week trying to complete projects in preparation for Susie from Mosaic’s visit. She usually comes to Tanzania once a year to offer trainings to the BCC staff. For the next two weeks we will be working with her and attending her trainings. We are excited that Susie has arrived and we look forward to attending the trainings that she will offer!

Our plane fight home had a 6 hour delay in Dar es Salaam, so we took that opportunity to tour around the city. Below is a photo from our tour. Melissa has a few friends of a friend who are currently staying in Dar es Salaam. We asked them if they would be interested in showing us a brief glimpse of the city during our lay-over; they were very interested in helping us! We had a great time touring Dar es Salaam and we will write more about it in this week’s “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section.


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