Safari videos … at last!

At long last … here are three videos from our safari!  We experienced some difficulty in getting the videos uploaded, but we’re sure you’ll feel like the wait was worth it! 

This video shows the young male lion that we saw in the Ngorongoro Crater. He was the star of the show! As you can tell, many safari vehicles found the pride of lions and stayed to watch for quite some time. This young male was determined to rest under some shade, so he sat under safari vehicles until the engine started.

At the very end of our first day in the Serengeti, we found wildebeests running to the plains at night. Apparently they graze in the taller grasses during the day, but run to the plains at night so that they will be safer. It sounded like a stampede!

We saw a herd of elephants on our way out of the Serengeti. There were several females and their babies. We learned that the grown male elephants are kept away from the mothers and babies because the males will try to kill the babies. We saw several males, but they were always alone. As you can tell from the video, the elephants were very close to our car! We were glad that they didn’t charge!


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