Through THEIR Eyes

Isidori Peter

Isidori is a child who receives services from BCC at the Moshi Mjini 2 center. He is a child who has higher needs. Fortunately he has a wheelchair and a father who cares deeply about him. He has attended the CCBRT week of intensive training that we have previously discussed in our blogs, and he has a wheelchair because of those services.

Things were not so positive for Isidori when he first started attending BCC. In his first days at BCC, Isidori was incredibly malnourished. He was 18 years old and weighed only 50 pounds. Because he was so severely underweight, he became ill regularly. In addition, his family was not sure how to best serve him, so Isidori spent most of his time sitting in the corner of the main room in the apartment that his family rents. Like most children served by BCC, he rarely received medical care and he did not leave the house very often.

He started attending BCC in 2007. Now his weight has increased to over 70 pounds. He is still malnourished, but nutritious meals provided by BCC have increased his weight and his general health. Isidori has access to services from CCBRT and therapies from international volunteers who volunteer through BCC at the Moshi Mjini 2 center. His family is more aware of how to work with him. Due to this, Isidori has become a more important member of his family.

Isidori’s mother left him at a very young age. His father stayed with him and his two brothers and two sisters. His father has remarried. Isidori’s father was not able to work a regular job because he had to provide care for Isidori. Now that Isidori is able to attend BCC, his father has a regular job as a watchman for a government building. His father makes around 100,000 Tanzanian Shillings, or about $60, per month. While this is greater than the average monthly income in Tanzania, his family is still stretched financially and, by definition of the United Nations, in extreme poverty.

Even though BCC has worked to increase the quality of life for Isidori and his family, they have not solved every problem. Isidori still becomes sick regularly. His family is very poor and the money to get to the doctor’s office and get medications for Isidori is simply not available. Also, Isidori is nonverbal, which means it is difficult to know when he is feeling ill. This is the importance of the preventative healthcare program that BCC is working to provide through KCMC and its medical students.


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