Second Set of Lists

It is very difficult to not miss some of the comforts of home when significant time is spent abroad. Each place that is visited has some things like home, but other things are different. It is good to appreciate the things that you missed while you were gone. It is also good appreciate things that were good in the place you were visiting. These lists were made in honor of that spirit.

Top 10 things we wish they had in Moshi that we have in America

10. Melissa’s Kitchen Aide mixer

9. Fresh bread that we always made at home (with the Kitchen Aide mixer!)

8. Melissa’s Monster Cookies

7. Sidewalks

6. Football (the American one, not soccer!)

5. Good cheese

4. Affordable dark chocolate

3. Paved Roads

2. Cheap 24/7 internet

1. Salads

Top 10 things we wish we had in America that they have in Moshi

10. Tanzanian beans and rice. It’s the best we have ever had (no offence Latin America!)

9. Cheap Indian food

8. The amazing, fresh roasted coffee

7. Cheap natural peanut butter

6. Affordable fresh fruit

5. Affordable fresh vegetables

4. Avocados (they are so good, and BIG, here that they get their own line)

3. Affordable prescriptions

2. Doctors that call and text message their patients to check on them

1. Community orientation and emphasis on culture and family


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