First Set of Lists

In honor of our halfway point we decided to make a few top ten lists. The first list is the Top 10 things that we are glad we brought. The second is the Top 10 things we are sad we brought. On Thursday we will have a second set of lists: the top 10 things that are in Moshi that we wish were in the U.S. and the top 10 things that are in the U.S. that we wish were in Moshi. All of the lists will be in descending order, from 10 to 1.

Anytime a trip is taken, it is likely that some items are brought that are very valuable. Maybe it is something small, but nonetheless, a moment arises and its value shines through. Also, inevitably, some items are brought along that prove to not have much value at all. This does not really matter on shorter trips, but on long trips the question of, “What was I thinking” often passes through the mind.

Top 10 Things that we are Sad we Brought

10. Long pants (it’s hot, so one pair would have been enough!)

9. Hand sanitizer (there are sinks and soap everywhere you go)

8. Hand wipes

7. Perfume/Cologne (we’re smelly no matter what and good smells attract mosquitoes!)

6. Scented lotion (the mosquitoes nearly ate Melissa alive when she used mango scented lotion!)

5. Bug spray (we used it on safari a lot, but not in Moshi)

4. A computer with a bad battery (we can’t use it unless the power is on… which is rare at this point)

3. Make-up for Melissa

2. Tools (haven’t used them once)

1. Irrigation/rain boots (we thought the rainy season would bring a lot more rain!)

Top 10 Things that we are Glad we Brought

10. Trimmer (John gets a haircut for free!)

9. Dark chocolate M&M’s (the dark chocolate here costs $5.00 for a fun size bar; thankfully Aunt Karen brought more!)

8. Nook (its lighter than a book, holds 1,000s of books, and it keeps us entertained; We have read over 14 books since April!)

7. Zip Lock Bags (The bugs stay out of our food!)

6. French Press (can’t have real coffee without it!)

5. Tea pot (speeds up the coffee making process, and that means more sleep!)

4. Good kitchen knife

3. Vegetable peeler (It would take weeks to peel the veggies we eat with just a knife)

2. Pepto Bismol (Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset stomach, Diarrhea? They must have made this product for trips abroad…)

1. Sunscreen (What can we say? The sun is HOT on the equator!)


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