Through Our Eyes

The first day of our safari was spent at the Ngorongoro Crater.  Here’s a glimpse of what we saw!

The crater is 800 square kilometers.

We saw a pride of six lions with one adolescent male.  He decided to put on a show and sit under the safari vehicles!  

We saw thousands of zebras in the crater!  Here are the “three amigos!”  

We saw thousands of birds along the way!

This is the vervet monkey.

The second stop on our journey was the Serengeti National Park.  We found a napping leopard within three hours of entering the park!  Leopards are very hard to spot so we were quite excited! 


Dikdiks are the smallest of the antelopes.  They compare to a small to medium sized dog.

We saw many female lions sunning themselves!  They are truly lazy cats!

Here is a baby baboon with its mother.  The baby was very adventurous!  

This is a baby hippo and its mother.  We learned that hippos run faster than humans, eat 60 kilograms of grass every night, and that they can travel up to 50 miles per night!

A cheetah!  

This is the real buffalo!  It’s not the bison of North America.  It’s a water buffalo and they are huge!

The wildebeest act exactly as they do in The Lion King movie.  We were able to catch this herd as they ran from the forest to the plains to sleep during the night.  


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