The past week was spent on Safari with Melissa’s Aunt Karen and our friend Jesse. We saw some amazing sights and so many animals! We definitely recommend Jesse to anyone who is planning a safari in the near future. It has been a wonderful, relaxing, exciting week!

Aunt Karen’s flight was delayed leaving Detroit. As a result, she ended up missing her flight from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro International Airport. She was able to find internet and let us know about the delayed flight, but we weren’t sure when she would land at our airport. Kilimanjaro International Airport is about a 45 minute drive from Moshi and we do not have a car. We pick up people by hiring a taxi or talking a friend into giving us a ride. After some extensive research, we thought that Aunt Karen would arrive around 2:00 pm. We were three hours late to pick her up, and because of the flight change, she only had one of her bags. We felt awful!

She quickly forgave us for being late, but we had to do some work that evening in order to figure out what to do about the missing bag. Since we were going on Safari the next day, we called Jesse and he agreed to stop at the airport, which is on the way to all of the national parks, and pick up the bag. We found the bag the next day and everything was perfect, except for one thing.

Aunt Karen was bringing many things for us. In fact, all of her checked baggage was filled with items we either needed or wanted to finish our next six months. She also sneaked in a few items that she knew we would truly love. One of those items was cheese. We have mentioned that cheese is not common in Moshi. The cheese that Aunt Karen so kindly brought was in the bag that came late. So, we traveled on the hot, dusty, and bumpy safari with about six chunks of various Costco size cheeses. Thankfully all of the hotels and camp sites were very willing to put our cheese in their restaurant refrigerators, so none of the cheese went bad! We were MORE than grateful!

Other items that Aunt Karen brought with her were high quality sponges to wash dishes with, enough macaroni and cheese for a small army, shower gel, shampoo, two books, pumice stones for Melissa’s feet, tooth paste, mouthwash, malaria pills, dark chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate chips, almond M&M’s, body lotion, American dollars for us to use to pay for our Mt. Kilimanjaro climb, Pepto Bismol, Febreeze, sun glasses because Melissa keeps breaking hers, an external hard drive for all of our photos, floss, loofahs, hairspray, sunscreen, hair gel, Zip Lock bags, along with the aforementioned six Costco sized cheese chunks. As you can imagine, it was much like Christmas. Also, dark chocolate and good cheese taste much better than we remembered!

The safari was truly a wonderful experience! We visited the Ngorogoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Lake Victoria. We were incredibly lucky and saw the regionally famous “Big 5” in only two days! The Big 5 are rhinoceros, lions, leopards, elephants, and water buffaloes. The rhinoceros were far away in the distance, but it was still very cool! We also saw part of the Great Migration of wildebeests, several cheetahs, giraffes, warthogs, hippopotamuses, and other phenomenal animals at very close distance. All we can really say is that the zoo will never be the same! We watched animals in their true environment and it was incredible. They are all so interconnected and very dependent on one another. We learned so much and we are rejuvenated and ready to go again!

We decided that we will share some safari photos and videos with everyone on our blog in both the Inspirational Tid-Bits and Through Our Eyes sections. We hope that everyone enjoys a glimpse of our adventure!!


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