***For kids and kids-at-heart***

When people go on a safari in Tanzania, the sightings of many wild animals and plant life in their natural habitats are breathtaking, fascinating, exciting, awesome, magnificent (well, you get the idea)! I feel that way just seeing any animal or plant that I normally would not see in my backyard, so I’m pretty easy to please. However, a safari is often considered super successful if the “Big Five” animals are sighted. What are these animals? Well …

I’m listing trivia facts about each of the five animals below. Your job is to figure out what animal matches the trivia. When you answer, do so in the comment area right below this activity. Just help me out by numbering each animal so that it matches up with the trivia number. A couple of them are tricky, so don’t worry if you don’t know all of the answers. Just have fun! Share with your family and friends!

I’ll check for answers every few days.

  1. I am the largest mammal in the world. I have 40,000 muscles in my trunk. I flap my ears to keep cool.

  1. I need lots of water. I’m big and bulky, but I can run up to 35 mph. Lions usually leave me alone unless they have friends to help them attack me.

  1. I spend a lot of time in a tree during the day to rest and keep myself safe. My spots are called rosettes. I can jump 10 feet straight up.

  1. If I am a male, I have a shield on my horns at my skull. My eyesight is terrible, but I have excellent senses of smell and hearing. I have three toes on each foot.

  1. My roar can be heard up to five miles away. If you see me while you are on a safari, I’m usually lying down because I rest about 20 hours a day.


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