Inspirational Tid-Bits

Children inspire us. It’s as simple as that. Before we embarked on our journey to Tanzania, we were asked to talk to several groups of children and young adults about our trip. The children generated great excitement for us. Children are curious, they are open, and they want to learn. We found their questions motivating and inspiring.

Over the course of the past few months, three groups of children have raised $989.57 for Building a Caring Community!!! We are still shocked by this! Children in Missouri and Nebraska decided that they would donate their allowances, the small money they find, and bake sale proceeds to the children served by BCC.

The first group of children that raised money is the Avenue City Student Council in Cosby, Missouri. We talked about the Avenue City 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in several blogs at the beginning of our trip to Tanzania. The students were incredibly interested in the work that we were setting out to do. We were amazed by their intelligence and their curiosity. The Student Council decided to give half of their bake sale proceeds for the year to BCC. They raised $50 for the program!

The second group of children that collected money attended Vacation Bible School for a week in Kenesaw, Nebraska. Many of Melissa’s relatives live in Kenesaw, and Melissa’s cousin was in charge of Vacation Bible School this summer. The kids decided that their daily offerings would go to Building a Caring Community. They raised $236.54 in just a week!

The third group of children collected weekly Sunday school offerings at St. Paul Lutheran Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. We talked to the children in March before we left and they all had questions. For instance, they wanted to know if there are lady bugs in Africa! We are sad to report that we haven’t seen any. The Sunday School children collected money over the course of four months. Melissa’s parents gave a brief report on what we have been doing during Sunday school last week. A check for the offerings was presented and the total was $700.00! The number still boggles our minds!

In addition to the check, a Ziploc bag was presented. In the bag was $3.03 from a little boy (and his sister) that goes to academic school at St. Paul Lutheran School. From time to time, the little boy brings money that people give to him, money from the tooth fairy, or his allowance and gives it to the St. Paul Director of Education. Every time, he tells the St. Paul Director of Education, “Give this to some poor people.” A picture of the little boy giving money to the St. Paul Director of Education is below.

The donations from these groups of children will be used for two purposes. The first purpose will be to fund several children who have developmental disabilities with health care insurance for one year through the preventative health care program that we are working to develop. The second purpose will be to pay caregivers of some of the children with developmental disabilities to create wooden puzzles and other educational toys (such as those pictured below). The caregivers will make these toys as part of the construction cooperative that will soon be formed. The caregivers will sell the toys to BCC, and BCC will use the money that the children from the U.S. donated to pay for the toys. Therefore, not only will caregivers earn an income so that they can better care for their children, but children will have new toys to play with at the day centers.

BCC extends their gratitude to all of the children that so generously gave money to support the BCC program. Your generosity has inspired BCC to ask children in Moshi churches to give offerings to the program as well. We would like to thank each child for their generosity, kindness, and love. The money will be used to bring happiness to many children. We are inspired and encouraged by each of child!


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